New journeys



It’s a funny thing when you find yourself excited over a new hobby. A new passion. There’s a rush of stimuli as you see the world around you from a new perspective. Things that mattered a lot seem to fall away to the subconscious and thoughts you’ve never had before now flood your daily processes. You feel like a kid again. Untouched by the stresses that used to anchor you to the ground. At the same time you feel an extreme discomfort whenever you can’t engage in your newfound hobby or passion. There’s energy inside that seems to boil over when that creativity inside has to be hushed in favor of responsibility. Or when you miss a golden moment because you didn’t have your gear readily available. New journeys are amazing. I invite you to pick up a camera, walk through your town or neighborhood and, just point and shoot at whatever your mind tell you. Chances are, you’ll discover something very special when you review the photos.

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