Another Friday! These are always welcome here! :-)

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It’s amazing what golden-hour light can do to a subject! It’s fleeting. It can be overpowering. It can be intimidating to work with. With all the things that can go wrong with this very limited window of amazing light, so many things can go unpredictably right. I did not imagine any of these shots would come out this way. I had already successfully shot golden hour photos in the past. With those photos, I had a kind of vision in mind and when we attempted it, the results were mostly what we’d thought they would be.

In this instance however, I had no idea how the shots would come out and I really disliked the idea of shooting in such an overpowering light scenario this day. Fortunately, we did the shoot anyway. We ended up coming away with something magical!  I also learned something about different ways to light people.

I say all this to say that if you have room for it, allow your creativity to run rampant once in awhile. Have fun creating and collaborating. You’ll surprise yourself sometimes. Sometimes things won’t go your way and that’ll be disappointing but, other times you get shots that feel like once-in-a-lifetime shots. It is incredibly difficult to replicate golden-hour shots because the sun needs to be at a position that it’s in only one time per year and if you have any precipitation that day or cloud cover…..well, you don’t get your shots.

I may go more into that but, that will definitely be another post at another time in the future. Anyway.. go enjoy your well-deserved weekend off if you happen to be off on the weekends!!

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Wednesday. Time to think on it, maybe.

boudoir, Glamour, natural light, photography, Portrait, portraiture, Sunset

Halfway through the work week. It may be time to just pause and contemplate for a second or maybe take a breather. A lot of time we forget to stop and remember the good things we have going on for us. It’s times like this that I’m grateful for having photography as a creative outlet. It helps me focus and realign my energy in ways that are useful to me. It also allow me to put energy into something outside of myself and get that much needed separation from other things I may have going on my life.

What kinds of creative outlets do my followers and visitors have? I’d like to hear about it in the comments 🙂

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Well, Happy Monday to you too! :-)

boudoir, Glamour, natural light, photography, Portrait, portraiture, Sunset

Good morning everyone! I hope the weekend treated everyone well. Time to get the week started and we’re gonna go with some great golden hour shots this week.

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“Gold and Guns”

natural light, Portrait, Sunset

“Gold and Guns”

Model IG: @tai_diesel

Taige was incredible to work with. We definitely vibed during the shoot and he definitely knows which angles flatter him. We were chasing the sun and losing light very quickly. Working with Taige made me realize that it’s okay to break the rules sometimes. Prior to shooting with him I always preferred soft light; hard light was always a “no, no”. Now I know better. When you’re not getting any better or feel like you’re in a rut, you owe it to yourself to work with models who will take your photography to another level. Taige is a beast!!! I’m so happy with what I took away from my experience with him 😃

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Sunset “racers”

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SunsetWeb(minimized for web)

I never get shots like this with just one shutter release. All of these photos on the site are the result of tens or hundreds of snaps; waiting for the perfect shot and moment. Framing it, getting the exposure correct, bracing for a steady shot and then capturing a fleeting moment before it’s gone. This was taken during sunset and the sky seemed to change so rapidly. It’s always cool when I transfer images from the camera and come across an action shot like this one!