Made it to another Friday!!

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If this photo looks familiar, it’s because I’ve posted it previously. So what.. It’s good enough lol. If you don’t feel this playful at the thought of the workweek coming to a close, you may wanna get yourself checked out 😄. Her face and body language say it all. “Come to me, my weekend…” 😄.

Seriously, everyone. Have a great and safe weekend!!!

BHB 2018-1429

Happy Hump Day!!

burlesque, Event photography, live event, performing arts, photography, Portrait, portraiture, stage lighting

Well.. we’ve made it to the middle of the week.. Phew! Okay so, here’s a little something to get you the rest of the way 🙂

How cute is our muse in this shot? I mean, c’mon. Her hair is yellow, though it looks green because of the stage lighting. Her skin looks purple so that should have been an indicator of a definite color cast. So.. yellow hair, cute expression, adorable costume panties and a fleeting moment with this pose and we’ve got some magic for our Wednesday.

Hope it’s a good day for everyone!

BHB 2018-1425-Edit

Green hair and stage lighting….

burlesque, Event photography, live event, performing arts, photography, Portrait, portraiture, stage lighting

Good morning! Green hair and stage lighting to help get you going this Monday!

This was taken at Suicidegirls Blackheart Burlesque show back in March of 2018. It’s always cool to catch shots like this in the moment.

BHB 2018-1383

Happy Friday! Seize control of your destiny!

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Muse ig-

I love working with Christian. He challenged me so much during our shoot and even later, in the editing process. We aspire to do things and a lot of times we’re our own worst enemies. We’re afforded opportunities and then are afraid to capitalize on them.

Christian just wants to create beautiful art. If you have the opportunity to work with and you somehow unlock his creative mindset, do yourself a favor and shut up, buckle up and try to keep up! A lot of us say we want more creative freedom. That we want to stop doing the same ole things and then we’re afraid to take leaps of faith. This shoot was scary for me because none of my traditional “rules” applied. I had to throw out a lot of things I’d learned and step out of my comfort zone. That’s terrifying to do but, the reward is unlike anything else when you click with your muse because of it. Seize control of your destiny and try something new! Happy Friday!!

Christian Allen set (3) 2-23-19-26

Lift! yourself up this Monday morning.

natural light, performing arts, photography, Portrait, portraiture, studio

Wow. Christian T Allen. What can I say? The amount of talent in this model’s bones.. Sheesh. He’s someone who’s lead you follow and just kinda hope you can keep up. He’s full of creativity and likes to push the limits of both himself and the photographers he works with.


Muse Instagram- Allen set (3) 2-23-19-5