Lift! yourself up this Monday morning.

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Wow. Christian T Allen. What can I say? The amount of talent in this model’s bones.. Sheesh. He’s someone who’s lead you follow and just kinda hope you can keep up. He’s full of creativity and likes to push the limits of both himself and the photographers he works with.


Muse Instagram- Allen set (3) 2-23-19-5

Long boots and leather jackets…

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This model was a lot of fun to work with. She has a very direct approach to posing and knows what looks she wants to bring when she’s in front of a camera. Maybe we’ll work together at another time in the future. Who knows? Anyway.. Enjoy the shots we got together 😉

Muse- [Identity withheld]

Once again, MiMi ;-)

boudoir, Glamour, natural light, Portrait, portraiture

No speeches today; just a beautiful headshot


“I could just wing it”

boudoir, Glamour, natural light, Portrait, portraiture

Muse- MiMi Fulton is a model who is great at knowing light and flow posing. You can almost just turn her loose during a shoot and she’ll naturally go through a full array poses that flatter her look and shape.

She’s also very approachable and likes to have fun while shooting, as evidenced here lol.


“Fridays got me like…”

Glamour, natural light, Portrait, portraiture

The incredible MiMi Fulton

Muse IG-

“So much Ghrase”

natural light, Portrait

Model IG: @_ghrasefit_ 


I was in awe the entire time I was shooting with Ghrase. The title “So much Ghrase” fits so well. She’s confident, beautiful and flow poses with ease. I barely had to direct her at all. Certainly more of a collaborative effort. I was a little intimidated by her because I had seen her portfolio prior to meeting her. I played it smoothly of course lol. She’s a prefect example of a higher tier model. Someone you can learn from. I’m really looking forward to shooting with her again. She’s amazing! •

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