“Butterflies and Trails”

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I had the pleasure of working with Pulchra (alias) a few months back. We decided to meet on a nature trail to get some shots done on location. It was hot that day, though you can’t tell from how great she looks in the final images. There was laughing, a little bit of getting lost (we made it back obviously lol) and great creativity to be had this day. I’m really looking forward to our next shooting experience!


IG: http://www.instagram.com/pulchra_sgh

Pulchra on trail-165-Edit

Pulchra on trail-54-Edit

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Autumn tree at dawn

Nature, Sunrise, Urban

FireTreeWeb(minimized for web viewing)

I guess I could on and on about how I’ve preplanned all of these shot opportunities but, that’s going to be the situation most of the time because, I actively scout ahead for shots when I can. This was a cold day. My hand were cold for awhile after I was done shooting. I tried to capture what it’s like to be beneath this huge tree and then look up and outward to see just how beautiful it is!




I was driving down the street, gear bag on my passenger side and, came to this tree lined block. The trees felt larger than life as people shuffled in and out of their home and through the intersection just in front of me. I sank low in my driver seat, parked of course, and proceeded to take shots from behind my windshield. I probably looked like I was doing detective work lol. Either way I got some shots that were just “okay”. I cropped this shot to use it here on the site and it actually looks better this way. You get more of a feeling of my perspective while shooting from within my car and, I think the idea of that is really cool.